FOLED panel Cutting System

This Equipment is for OLED Panel frit laser sealing
Mainly using high-quality mechanical components, and the use of precision motion to stage to X, Y motor and the efficient vision system for glass fiducial mark finding and alignment, and Then laser sealing with a Diode laser system.
The equipment features customized equipment for customers
The main design concept is according to the customer’s product condition.


It Is Possible For
  1. The Shape Full cutting (Panel Top side)
  2. The shape Full cutting (panel Back side)
  3. The Signal zone Line full cutting (Panel Top side)
  4. The Signal zone Line full cutting (panel Back side)
  5. The Peel-off function (panel Top side)
  6. Edge Full cutting
  7. Cleaning to the cutting area

The overall design fully conforms to the basic specification of customers, regardless of production time or laser cutting accuracy.