IGBT Bonder

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FUNCTION Specification
material size range 0.5mm-16mm
Wafer chip thickness Above 40um
material size range X、Y ≤ ±10μm,angle θ ≤ 0.05°。
Single placement speed Mounting time < 2.5s (calculate by picking, positioning and mounting time).
Feeding method Wafer (8 inch and 12 inch) automatic loading and unloading
Feeding method Clip(44mm)、Tray
Feeding method can be programmed Solder tab cutting length (2 to 14mm)
Feeding method Feeder loading for NTC
Feeding method vibrating plate
Transfer Standard Size of pink pan
EQ function ① Spray alcohol at the bottom for material positioning.
② It has the function of air pressure dispensing.
③ It can be customized and supports up to 10 suction nozzles.
④ Visual software: use self-developed visual system to automatically identify materials.
⑤ SMT head function: pressure control 1N to 30N
Equipment yield Yield rate≥99.98%.
Communication support SECS/GEM
automation connection supports only